Password Security

With the holiday online buying season gearing up, it’s a good time to think about your online security. Mashable just published a list of the 25 Worst Passwords of 2011.  If any of your passwords are on the list, you might want to think about changing things up a bit. Lifehacker has some great tips for picking and remembering passwords.

Some have turned to password management software to help keep track of their many passwords.  The major issue with such programs is that you must download the software and can only access it from that single device. 

An alternative to downloading password management software might be Open ID, which allows you to sign into websites with a universal ID and password.  You can choose to use an account that you’ve already created.  Some of the more well known OpenID providers include Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, Microsoft, AOL, and Twitter.  If you have one of these accounts, you already have an OpenID identity.

Webmail v.s. Gmail

If you were given the choice, would you prefer using a Gmail interface through your Geneseo Apps account or would you stick with the current RoundCube Webmail interface?

Top ten reasons to use Google Calendar

  1. It’s FREE!  Geneseo Apps are provided through CIT (see these 3 easy steps for setting up your account).
  2. You can import your class schedule into your Google Calendar right from myGeneseo.
  3. Keep track of multiple calendars in one place and customize the color for each (work schedule, class schedules, extracurricular activities, etc…).
  4. Share your calendar with classmates and friends.
  5. It’s in the cloud!  Google Calendar is available on any device with access to the internet.
  6. Get Google calendar on your phone (including Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry).
  7. Get event reminders.  You can set up pop-up or email reminders minutes, hours, days or weeks ahead of the event.
  8. Send invitations and track rsvp’s for any event.
  9. Google Calendar also has a wide database of public calendars that you can subscribe to for free (i.e. U.S. Holidays).
  10. With your Geneseo Apps account, you also have an account for nearly 50 other useful Google products.

File Storage Options for the Busy Geneseo Student

In just a handful of decades, technology has come a long way in terms of computing storage. There were the punch cards in the 1960s, cassette tapes in the 1970s, floppy disks in the 1980s, CD-R and RW discs in  the 1990s, and the 2000s saw the advent of thumb drives and SD cards.

A number of these storage options are available for you right here on campus.  Storage devices for sale at the library include jump drives, CD-R & RW, and DVD-R.  In addition, Geneseo provides 50MB of  file space to students.  Most of the computers on campus have a direct link to file space on their desktops.  The Geneseo wiki has instructions on how to access your file space from off campus.

Your ipod can also be used just like a thumb drive, provided you haven’t packed it to it’s limit with music…  And don’t forget that you can store your files in the “cloud.”  For instance, Geneseo provides all students with a Google Apps account.  Using this account, you can upload up to 1 GB of word, pdf, and power point, and excel files to your google docs account.  Once you do so, you can access them from any computer with internet access.

There are a number of other online storage services for which you can take advantage, most of which offer 1 or 2 GB of free storage.  Dropbox is an online storage service that allows you to store/share up to 2GB of files.  You have to install a small program on your computer to run it, but it allows you to upload any type of file as long as it is under 350MB.  Similar services include ElephantDrive (2GB free), FilesAnywhere (1 GB free), and FlipDrive (1 GB free) to name a few.  (LiveMesh is a similar service that allows you to store up to 5GB for free, but only works for PC users running Vista or Windows 7).

For storing photos and videos, there are a number of options available.  Google’s Picasa Web Album is accessible through your Geneseo Google Apps account.  Picasa allows you to store (and share if you wish) up to 1 GB of video and photo files.   An alternative to Picasa is Flickr, which allows you to upload up to 300 MB of photos and 2 videos per month.

Do you have a favorite storage/sharing service not mentioned above?  Leave a comment below and let us know about it!

Want to add some pizazz to your next class presentation or project?

Social media creation software is making it so much easier to create professional looking content.  If you are looking to spruce up your projects and presentations, it could be as easy as  replacing your tired old bullet points with a colorful concept map, word cloud, or photo collage.

Check out our Social Media library guide to see tools that will help you make these, as well as other media creation software that librarians use and recommend!