Recreate the Galaxy Winners

On Wednesday, November 28th, Milne Library hosted Recreate the Galaxy, an event featuring poetry readings and dance performances showcasing the creative and artistic talents of Geneseo students from all different academic disciplines. Dr. Leah Garland (SOTA) was the Master of Ceremonies and Jeanette Molina (Director of Dual-Degree Programs), Dr. Cristina Rowley (Foreign Languages) and Rich Dreifuss (Milne Library) presided as judges. Recreate the Galaxy was an event sponsored in conjunction with the heavens above: photographs of the universe from the Hubble Space Telescope special exhibit. Winners of the competition were students Nathan Lauffenburger (Physics), Charles Shickley (Mathematics) and Garrett Jones (Computer Science). The trio’s entry was The dark in my heart: 51 haikus, a series of haiku poems read by the students. Congratulations Nathan, Charles and Garrett! For more information, visit the Heavens Above website.

An exerpt from The dark in my heart: 51 haikus:

The dark in my heart
Opens up memories, dust
Closure of my space

A hohmann transfer
To the orbit from beyond
Into tandem thus

Heavens Above podcasts available

Missed any of the lectures or events surrounding Milne Library’s heavens above: photographs of the universe from the Hubble Space Telescope exhibit? No need to worry! The “Heavens Above: Lectures” podcast is available via the Heavens Above website and features all of the exciting programming from this special exhibit. Go to and click on the podcast link to subscribe.

Saturn and its moons

In this video clip, the leader of the Imaging Team on the Cassini mission to Saturn, Carolyn Porco interprets and shares the pictures coming back from this fascinating planet, its rings and its moons. And it might even include liquid water…