Reading with no overdue fines & more…

Milne Library is trying something new…

  • If students are studying for the semester, why not check out books for that long? Milne’s new circulation policy has books in the general collection now due back 99 days from the day you check them out.
  • If a book (not reserves or equipment) is a little overdue, don’t worry about it, we won’t charge pesky overdue fines. Don’t get carried away though – There still is a lost book billing and service charge if you don’t return the book.
  • Check out our other circulation policies

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About Bonnie J. M. Swoger
Science Librarian at SUNY Geneseo, a small, public liberal arts college. I am interested in scientific communication in general and how we teach students about how scientists share information.

2 Responses to Reading with no overdue fines & more…

  1. Good Man, Cyril! Down with fees!

  2. Mike says:

    Wow… thats pretty fantastic.

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