Technology Training for Faculty & Staff

During the week of November 6-10th, the Teaching & Learning Center (TLC), CIT and Milne Library will be offering a series of Technology training workshops for faculty and staff. Classes include:

Nov 6, 8,10 Access (Windows Only)
Nov 6 Excel Basics
Nov 6 Google Scholar, Earth, Desktop
Nov 6 PowerPoint Basics
Nov 6
Nov 7 Bag Lunch Mail Merge (Mac)
Nov 7 Interactive Lectures with a Sympodium
Nov 7 Blogging Workshop
Nov 8 Content Management System (CMS)
Nov 8 Multimedia PowerPoint
Nov 9 Oracle Calendar (Mac)
Nov 9 Oracle Calendar (Windows)
Nov 9 Bag Lunch Mail Merge (Windows)
Nov 9 RF Clickers in the Classroom
Nov 9 Google Scholar, Earth, Desktop
Nov 10 Advanced Excel
Nov 10 Blogging Workshop

Contact Laura Cook at to register. Include the following in your email:
1. The class(es) you want to attend
2. If you have a Windows or Mac computer
3. If you will be bringing your own notebook computer.

View the training brochure (PDF)

About Bonnie J. M. Swoger
Science Librarian at SUNY Geneseo, a small, public liberal arts college. I am interested in scientific communication in general and how we teach students about how scientists share information.

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